Federal tires: Braking, grip and pump-proof balance

The Federal tires represent high braking capacity, grip, and balance. Find out more about these wheels and enjoy them. If your tires are no longer responding as before, and you have difficulty cornering or have lost some of their grip on wet surfaces, surely you are thinking of changing them for new ones. The tires provide us with safety at the wheel, and the grip on the road is essential, both on dry days and on rainy days. To know more, check out: federal ss595 review

How are Federal tires?

These tires offer us all the safety and comfort we need to drive on the roads. You don't need to risk your life or your family's life when they go out in the car. Thanks to the design of the Federal tires, we will be able to brake up to 2 seconds before. Its wheels offer us the right balance and stability on all types of floors.

On the other hand, its unique design allows us to save since it only uses the necessary fuel. They offer us a deficient price level, with excellent features. These cheap tires are specially designed for European roads.

Federal tires are fully homologous, so we have a guaranteed quality and reliable product.

Types of Federal tires

The Federal is responsible for producing a wide range of tires, adjusted to different kinds of vehicles.

Here, we will introduce some of them :

Federal tires for 4 × 4

Federal offers us a wide range of tires for 4 × 4 vehicles.These provide us an excellent performance on all types of terrain.

In addition to the comfort they offer when driving, these tires are made to withstand any weather, so rain or cold will not stop us.

Some of the Federal 4 × 4 tires that may interest you are :

· Couragia MT

· Couragia AT

· Couragia

· Couragia FX

Federal tires for the van

Among the Federal van, wheel models are the Ecovan ER01.

This tire is specially designed to support large weight loads so that we can work comfortably. They are also robust wheels, thanks to their tread, they have a long service life and excellent mileage performance.

Fz 201

This tire has an excellent grip on both roads and tracks.

It has a robust design and a reinforced structure, which gives it more excellent durability. And it is made with a special compound,which allows a rapid rise in temperature.

595rs R

This model is highly acclaimed by customers and widely used for driving on circuits. It offers high performance at high speeds, due to its design and structure. It also provides us an excellent grip on wet floors.

Formoza FD 2

It is designed to reduce its noise levels to a minimum,thanks to its low noise. It also has high performance at high speeds, curves,and wet floors.


These wheels are specially designed to reach high speeds,with the best performance. It has an improved traction and braking system. And it offers excellent performance on wet floors.